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"Critter Getter Pest Control reflects all the great qualities of its owners. Knowledge, follow-through, promptness, and top notch customer service skills. I have always been satisfied with Critter Getter and I have no doubt you would be too!"

About Critter Getter

Chris Fitzgerald, owner of Critter Getter

Critter Getter is a growing company that began to take shape back in the early 90's. It's founders, Chris and Susan Fitzgerald have been in Arizona since the early 70's. They love it here and enjoy all Arizona has to offer. The business is a family business and they plan to pass it on to their children someday. "We love working, serving and helping people in and around our community to solve their pest and wildlife problems! We take pride in our work and our customer's satisfaction and safety is our top priority!" You can rest assured that when Critter Getter is on the job, it will be done right! With quality service like this, you know they'll be around for a long time!

How it all got started

Back in the day Chris was working for a pest control company that was about to sell out to a larger company. He thought that with several years of experience, he had a few options to consider. Perhaps go with the sell out and work for the big guy, change careers or go to school, or try to start his own business. After a lot of thinking, planning and convincing his wife, Critter Getter was born. After jumping through all of the proper hoops, things began to take off! It started out by controlling bugs, but requests for other things started coming in. In order to meet the needs of their customers they had to expand their capabilities. With some proper education, reading, and seminars, they are now able to meet their customer's needs by taking on some of the bigger tasks that a lot of other company's don't offer. "No task is too big for the right price!" For a list of services, see the services page.

Professional Associations:

Arizona Pest professional Organization Arizona Trappers Association National Pest Management Association National Wildlife Control Operators Association

State Licenses:

Arizona Office of Pest Management Arizona Game and Fish

Live in Southeastern Arizona? Visit our friends at Desert Wildlife Services for your wildlife control needs.

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