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Indian House Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus)

Name: Indian House Cricket or Tropical Cricket
Size: 3/4 an inch in length.
Habitat: These crickets will live and breed both indoors and out.
Food: Young plants, flowers, dry wall, textiles, pet food, crumbs.
Danger: While not dangerous to humans, their nightly chirping can be irritating to homeowners. In large numbers they can damage fabrics and drywall or eat young plants and flowers.

Field Crickets (Gryllus sp.)

common black cricket, Gryllus assimilis, graphic is public domain by R. E. Snodgrass

Name: Field Cricket
Size: A little over an inch.
Habitat: Prefer to live outdoors but will enter homes. They do not breed indoors.
Food: Plants
Danger: These crickets are not dangerous to humans, but can damage fabrics, carpeting, young plants and flowers.

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Graphic Credits:
Field Cricket - R. E. Snodgrass (Public Domain)

The information on this page can also be found in Crickets a publication of Arizona Cooperative Extension.

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