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Gray Fox

Gray Fox, image by Gary M. Stolz

Name: Gray Fox
Size: Gray Foxes ranges from 800 to 1125 mm (31.5 to 41.3 inches) in length. Its tail measures 275 to 443 mm (10.8 to 17.5 inches) and its hind feet measure 100 to 150 mm (4.9 to 5.9 inches). It weighs 3.6 to 6.82 kg (7.9 to 15 lbs).
Habitat: The Gray Fox is a mammal ranging throughout most of the southern half of North America. The Gray Fox is nocturnal and dens in hollow trees, stumps or appropriated burrows during the day.
Behavior: The Gray Fox likes to climb trees. Its strong, hooked claws allow it to scramble up trees to escape predators or catch prey.The Gray Fox is a solitary hunter and It frequently preys upon Cottontail rabbits, though it will readily catch voles, shrews, and birds. The Gray Fox supplements its diet with whatever fruits are readily available and will also eat vegetable matter.

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Photo Credits:
Gray Fox - Gary M. Stolz, USFWS (Public Domain).

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