Frequently Asked Questions

What is it about this place? There are so many bugs! Ugly, scary and weird looking critters. What in the world is this? Will it harm my family? Can we control it? The Sonoran Desert is not only an ideal location for people, but also for bugs, snakes, scorpions and all sorts of other critters. What you don’t know can hurt you: when it comes to bites and stings, prevention is the best medicine!

What can you do?

First, learn which critters can bite and sting. Next, understand what you can do to avoid a problem. Last, know what to do and whom to call if you need service or get bitten or stung!

What can I do to prevent a venomous bite or sting around my home?

  • Remove litter, wood, paper, logs, and debris from your yard.
  • Wear heavy work gloves when working outside around your yard.
  • Keep doors and windows tight fitting with good weather stripping.
  • Make sure that other openings (such as locations where air conditioning, swamp coolers or exhaust fans enter your house) are closed, sealed or screened off.
  • Fill all cracks in the foundation of the house and around all water faucets.
  • Look before you place your hand under or into something.
  • Make periodic checks for beehives or swarms; if found, contact us immediately. Do not try to remove or burn them out yourself.
  • Stay alert for trouble when operating equipment that produces sound ( lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, etc.). Vibrations from this type of equipment may disturb a beehive or wasp nest.
  • Do not leave shoes, boots, clothing items and towels outdoors.
  • Wear shoes when outdoors, especially around the pool at night.
  • Keep poison control’s phone number next to your phone (602-253-3334).

What types of bugs and other pests exist in the Arizona desert?

See our Critter Information page and gallery for a detailed list and description of common bugs and critters in the Phoenix area.

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