We can provide exclusion work to your home or  property to help seal up and eliminate some of the gaps, cracks and crevices that tend to develop over time as the home settles. There are also areas where builder error or neglect may cause an opening or gap where critters may enter the home. Critters may also create a hole or entry point by pecking, chewing or scratching their way in. We also provide yard exclusion too, such as snake fence and drainage block exclusion. 

We can also seal or repair damage made by critters trying to enter your home, such as woodpeckers or rats. We can also install chimney caps and provide exclusion and seal up around your home to seal out scorpions and other pests by using steel wool, wire mesh and silicon sealants and other materials, we can eliminate most of the entry points critters tend to find. We can also pigeon proof your roof with a multitude of options for your home.

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